If a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other treatment. Sometimes, though, there's too much damage for the tooth to be repaired. In this case, the tooth needs to be extracted. Learn about single tooth replacement

Some procedures require a "Bone Graft" in order to maximize the outcome of an extraction. While this sounds pretty scary at first, the truth is that bone grafting in the oral cavity is a routine, predictable and painless procedure.

Most of the time no treatment is necessary unless in the case of edentulous patient where surgical removal of the torus is required to accommodate a lower or upper denture. The exostosis prevents the seating of denture or partial and also may cause gingival irritation due to functional stress upon denture or partial insertion. In the partial edentulous patient, tori may be removed upon fabrication of the partial denture. In patient with teeth, tori may be removed to aid in cleaning of teeth or irritation in regards to chewing.

Extractions and Bone Grafting

Tori Removal

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