With laser treatment, there is reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, no charring, and no drill noise or vibration. The stress and anxiety often associated with dental work is therefore eliminated when you experience quick, effective, and essentially pain-free laser procedures. Also, postoperative sensitivity is greatly limited by laser dentistry, and recovery time is much quicker than with traditional methods. In fact, due to the less-invasive nature of the laser technique, the mouth begins to heal immediately after work is completed!

Reduced Risk of Infection:

The laser’s high-energy light beam acts as a sterilizer on the area it is working, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial infections and relapses.

Anesthesia Limited or Eliminated:

Because laser dentistry is virtually painless, no longer will you suffer with fear of injections and numbness. Often, only a light anesthetic spray is required. Laser treatment eliminates the complications and cost associated with anesthesia.

TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) disorder, affects between 5%-12% of people in the United States. Some TMJ symptoms—facial pain, swelling, clicking joints, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and earaches, to name a few—have historically been treated with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Infinite Dental Wellness’s new laser pain management technology, however, now offers a safe, non-invasive way to instantly minimize the discomfort associated with TMJ and help our patients live normal, pain-free lives.

Laser Whitening Vs. Take Home

You can get the same result from using a take home whitening in trays that you do for 3 weeks...

The difference is time.

 With laser treatments the work can be done in one hour appointment, while the take home does take about 2-3 weeks to work. We charge less for the take home as the staff spends less time working with a patient, but often patients come back with tooth sensitivity or unhappy with their results. We recommend the Laser if you want to get painless and quick results.

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Laser Periodontal Therapy

And Other Laser uses

Dr. Gummadi is proud to offer the latest technology available for periodontal therapy: laser treatment. There are numerous advantages to using laser therapy as opposed to the traditional methods requiring a scalpel and sutures.

Not only does the laser help with periodontal treatments the laser has many other uses such as in-office teeth whitening, TMJ pain therapy and crown lengthening.

More About EPIC™

EPIC™: Is the only diode laser in the USA with three unique therapy modes – Soft Tissue Surgery, Whitening, and Pain Therapy. EPIC diode laser offers the most precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and tissue biotypes. With our exclusive diode laser wavelength, EPIC cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more hemostasis and supreme patient comfort. Take advantage of other capabilities including relief of lesions (aphthous ulcers, herpetic lesions) as well as performing "pocket therapy" using single-use disposable Perio tips.