Computerized Dentistry : The 2-Hour Crown

After a recent root canal (never mind why) for one of the editors, a crown was needed for the “rooted” tooth…and a Facebook ad popped up (weird right?) for a new dentist in Brookline with a 3D milling machine who (which?) can do crowns in less than 2 hours.

Normally, we are skeptical of these, but this time the interns clicked on it…you know AI-targeted ads, they don’t make billions of dollars for no reason.

Coron Dental Studio

We sent someone to check out the operation, talk to the dentist, and get a price quote. It is BRIGHTEST dentist office ever…no one’s teeth will appear white in this place:-)

The place looks super legit (young doctor and dental techs, new high tech office/equipment, nice part of Brookline), so we pulled the trigger and made an appointment.

A week later we had the “less than 2 hours” appointment, and it could not have gone any smoother!

The Visit: Getting A New Crown… in 2 Hours

The basic steps are: